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Originally Posted by TKD View Post
Hate to be Captain Obvious here but Rights would be a protection of a person - regardless from whom.

Laws are deemed from legislation/ law makers up through SCOTUS when applicable.
Or more affirmatively stated, Rights are protections of an individual from everyone else, any organization, any group, or government.

They are not just some limited paper promise from some government entity.

Individual people can violate your right, stores can violate your rights, organizations can violate your rights, governments can violate your rights, and they all have and it actually happens a lot.

From an academic perspective:

What are rights?

Rights are conditions and protections that cannot be breached or taken away by others, even by the government or the state. In liberal democratic systems, every individual is assumed to have certain rights. It is the duty of the government and legal system to protect and uphold these rights. The idea of rights is not new, in fact, it dates back to the 1600s. English philosopher John Locke was one of the first to suggest that all people were born with ‘natural rights’. Locke described three fundamental rights: the right to life, the right to liberty (freedom) and the right to property (to have one’s belongings safe from theft or seizure). Ever since the days of Locke, people have struggled and fought to defend or expand their rights. Some notable rights-based struggles included the American and French Revolutions; the anti-slavery and abolition movements of the 19th century; the American civil rights movement in the 1960s; and the Aboriginal land rights campaign in Australia. The struggle for rights still continues in many parts of the world, in places like Myanmar (Burma), Tibet, Iran and many African nations.
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