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Originally Posted by FlyingScot View Post
These are great examples and I agree we should not always trust the government or big business.

But in the case of these vaccines--unlike your examples--there is a very clear danger to individuals in not taking the vaccines and wearing masks--a 10-20X increased risk of covid.

The products that you list were also motivated by things other than health, and were not tested the way the vaccines have been.

So as I balance all those things, it's an easy decision to get jabbed
Many numbers/ “facts” are being stated as absolutes regardless of motivation. people are basing their decisions on these numbers. Firm believer in Absolute power corrupts absolutely! Lots of corruption and ulterior motives out there so these “ facts” bother me. I applaud you doing what you all believe is best for you. I just expect the same courtesy/ rights.

Going to spend some time in the water and freeze a little - have a great rest of your weekend folks.
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