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Originally Posted by XCR-700 View Post
You dont have to agree, just dont attempt to impose your fears or preferences on me, it wont sit well.

Oh, and your instinct can be for you to be vaccinated, and theres nothing wrong with encouraging others to be vaccinated, just not forced and not isolated/denied access/discriminated against because they chose not to.
Again. If they have a choice, others have the choice not to interact with them if they choose. A choose must go both ways.

It is like in business, you have the choice to do as your employer wishes... and they have the choice to fire you should you not.

You have a choice to comply with the wishes of the business owner or the choice to go elsewhere.

I watched this at the Meredith McDonald's when they had their customer mask mandate. I had the choice to wear a mask, or use the drive through. Other than that, I could eat elsewhere.

They left the choice to me... but only a few felt they were being discriminated against because they could not enter without the mask.
If they wanted proof of vaccination, then I would need to show my card, use the drive through, or go elsewhere.

People are given lots of choices... but the choices have consequences.
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