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Originally Posted by TKD View Post
You are 100% correct! Covey wrote about “first seek to understand, then be understood”. Unless it fits their narrative, some just don’t want to understand there is another side. Thanks for fighting the fight…
I only wish I could take credit for being right, but the real truth is there is not "right" about the vaccine being the best choice for everyone.

The truth of the matter is we have roughly 100 years of experience with vaccines, in evolutionary time that nothing, not even a sneeze.

And only in the last 50 years have we gotten kinda ok with it, but we certainly have not perfected this science.

And so when we say abracadabra presto boom with in months we have created a near 100% perfect vaccine that is the best thing for everyone, oh and everyone must take it or it wont work, then everyone should raise at least one eyebrow.

I find it amazing that so many here will tell you about the studies, and groups who have certified the vaccine as the best thing since we learned to wash our hands with soap before surgery, and that was less that 200 years ago,,,

The interweb is a wonderful invention, if you search you will find credible medical and scientific people saying the vaccine is much better then natural immunity, and then you will find equally credible medical and scientific people telling you natural immunity is much more effective than any vaccine. Sorry, there is not absolute in this based on our current level of science.

Bottom line is the vaccine is not a cure, it is not near 100% effective, it is not right for everyone NO ONE SHOULD BE FORCED TO TAKE IT.

The vaccine is a bandaid!

Now sometimes a bandaid is really good thing and it can be a life saver, but you cannot say with 100% surety that in this situation where the long term studies are not yet completed, and the world is so politically motivated, that we can stand on the soap box and demand everyone get vaccinated or they must be isolated from the rest of the world or untold countless people will die. We truly have no idea at this point in time how many have actually died from COVID as the data is so manipulated it is beyond excusable. A husband and wife murder-suicide who both had COVID and were both listed as COVID deaths, countless cancer patients who were on their deathbeds and tested positive for COVID were listed as COVID deaths, people who died in car accidents were listed as COVID deaths. Its become a political game with peopled lives being used as game pieces.

This is a medical and scientific and political nightmare.

The best we all can do is follow our own instinct, and practice common sense and stop worrying about the other guy.

If the vaccine is only effective if everyone gets it, then it is a failure as you will never reach 100% vaccination.

I personally think it is a tool in the tool box and probably a good one for most to have, its like a good adjustable wrench, but maybe not as good as a vice grip, and clearly it is not the one tool everyone need.

Get vaccinated or dont, but dont impose your medical fear and demands on anyone else.

I can only imagine how much uproar there would be if business owners and teachers and countless others started saying they refused to be around the vaccinated for any reason, the screams of mistreatment and injustice and discrimination would be deafening.
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