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Originally Posted by Pam View Post
Couple of points: I'm wondering if you've walked through an old cemetery lately? I've heard it said that nature wants you dead at 35 and to kill 2 of your 5 children. Looking at old gravestones pretty much confirms that.

Also, how do you feel about the polio vaccine? When that was first given out it was actually a live virus and a small number of people actually got polio from it, yet it was given out in schools- I remember it well. Would it have been better to let polio flourish to this day?

We can hope for better covid vaccines and treatments as time goes on, but 700,000 Americans have died in a year and a half. Surely that warrants some mitigation?
How do I feel? I have been very clear NO MANDATES.

I am not an anti-vaccine person, but the data being publicized is very misleading and even if I believed it was all true, the numbers do not support what we are doing and what too many here are promoting. My opinion remains unchanged and only reinforced, vaccination should not be mandatory. Not for this pandemic, its not warranted.

The worse part of all this, and almost to the point of despicable, are the people who are vaccinated and still live in terror of the virus and demand others be vaccinated. A society cannot live with people who impose such draconian fears and will on others, and in particular when its driven by unsubstantiated and unjust fears such as we are seeing. We did that once upon a time, it was called the Salem Witch Trials, a very dark period in our history. Soon to be followed by this one,,,

If you want the vaccine, get it, and give it to your kids and encourage everyone you know to get it, but do not ever force it on anyone or forbid them access to anything based on their vaccination status. My god, they are denying transplant patients surgery if they are unvaccinated. What kind of morbidly dysfunctional society are we becoming. I'm beginning to wonder if there is a second virus causing severe mental health problems.

If you live such a state of fear that as a vaccinated individual you are terrified of being around unvaccinated people, you probably have a serious anxiety issue and should be treated for that. Its a far bigger problem than COVID.

I mean seriously there are posts here where people are trying to actually calculate their personal level of protection from the virus. Is it 82%, 95%, 95% - 3 exposures to 1/2 vaccinated people,,, Its utterly dumbfounding to the point of absurd. A society cannot exist like this. And I guess to some degree it isn't,,, If we stay on the current trajectory as we are going now, America will be in ruin well before the mid-term election, so people wont have to worry about if the current administration is better or worse than the last one.

Thats how I feel.

Sorry, I am just being honest. I dont expect you to like it, but I do EXPECT you to respect it and allow me my opinion.

I have no desire to intentionally upset anyone and I have even intentionally kept away from this forum recently because of the extreme dysfunction and inconceivable levels of fear being promoted here. In 10+ years I have never seen such hostile and disrespectful and misguided posts on this forum as I have seen on this subject. Its a serious unmasking of some Dr Jekyll and Mr Hydes types among us.

Cant wait to see what happens next, thank god I have learned to make use of the ignore list, and thank god for the level headed among us who are not a stupid as I am to keep getting drawn back into this never ending carnival of fear.
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