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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Kids are being "pushed" back to school because not being in school was worse for them than the risks from Covid.

Throughout the whole of last-year's in-person classes at my school, there was only one case attributed to in-school transmission, and it was with teachers who shared a (fairly small) planning space. Even that one was questionable because a couple of those affected also had family members testing positive at the same time, so it became a "which came first" scenario.

In any case, the drop in social and academic involvement and the rise in mental health issues and suicidality vs. the impact to young people from Covid is a (mostly) easy decision. This is a decision made easier when adding the efficacy of masks and contact tracing, ease of testing and hygiene steps, etc. to the process.

Really, the only reason not to have kids in school (which it always was) is to limit how much Covid is transmitted to more vulnerable populations, which is why vaccinations for those populations are essential.

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Well it doesn't look like it's off to a good start.

Couple snippets from above. Children have made up 15% of the population infected. In the last week they jumped to 25%. Last week was the 3rd highest report of Children infected since the pandemic began.

Bet you they start shutting down by end of October.
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