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Originally Posted by John Mercier View Post
Remember the question you asked about repeated contact with an infected person(s)?

While the CDC is showing a shallow breakthrough rate for the millions that have been vaccinated... it is likely that they also do not spend a lot of time in high risk situations. Meaning they have only a small amount of contact with possibly infected individuals.

Because of the various individual immunity levels, given enough time and opportunity, the virus will find new hosts.
You make a good point. Getting vaccinated is associated with minimizing risks. The people in my circle---friends and the people I work with---tend to share a similar political and social outlook, and hence similar attitudes about vaccinations, masks, and social distancing. We are all vaccinated and took the necessary precautions from the beginning. That explains why I only know one person who had a breakthrough infection, but it doesn't explain Woodsy's observation that he is seeing a 30% breakthrough rate. Still waiting to hear his explanation of that.
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