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Originally Posted by SailinAway View Post
Starting a new thread because the other one went off the rails. This is a purely scientific question. I googled it but can't find the answer. Inquiring for my friend who is recovering from a breakthrough infection.

QUESTION: If someone gets a breakthrough infection, does that mean that the vaccination didn't "take" in that person at all, and therefore the person is also susceptible to further infections after the first one?

In other words, if the vaccine fails you once and you get infected, does that mean that (a) you have zero protection from all future exposures, as if you had not been vaccinated, or (b) you still have 95% protection (minus loss of protection over time) for each exposure, i.e., the vaccine failed you once because you had a 5% chance of infection, but it's still active and your chances of infection are unchanged?
Did your friend stay out of the hospital? If so, he might give some credit to the vaccine. Not that, that is a guarantee either.

As others pointed out. Nothing is 100%.

It's also why I'm still wearing a mask for now (only when shopping indoors, which is intentionally not that often). Just playing it safe, since it's completely harmless to wear a mask.

The rate of break throughs that lead to hospitalization on vaccinated folks is extremely low. For the moment.

Keep us posted how your friend rides it out
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