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Originally Posted by Woodsy View Post
I respectfully disagree...

When you use the term "vaccine" people think immunity. They go right to smallpox/TB etc. and the vax effectiveness at eliminating the offending virus.

I agree that they originally marketed the vaccines with 90%-95% efficacy. However, there was ALWAYS the caveat of the unknown length of protection. In reality what we are seeing is breakthrough infections running at approx 30%. Technically a breakthrough would be one of the original 5%-10% in the efficacy rate.

Unfortunately, the CDC found the same viral loads in vaxxed vs. unvaxxed individuals... so the vax does very little to prevent transmission or mutation.

Also respectfully,

I understand that when people hear "vaccine" they often think 100% immunity. But when scientists, doctors, and the FDA say "vaccine" they really mean anything that teaches the immune system to attack a disease--this is not necessarily 100% effective, and the scientists have been completely clear that these are "only" 90-95% effective.

I believe you are mistaken on the breakthrough cases. Here's an NBC report from yesterday that shows Massachusetts breakthrough cases are at 0.71%. So in the real world, the 95% effective vaccines are showing approximately 99% efficacy.

It's funny the way humans (me included) respond to numbers--I Googled the above just to check your number, and when I saw 30,000, I thought "oh no! that's a lot of people". But it is less than 1% of the vaxxed, which is super performance
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