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Originally Posted by John Mercier View Post
I isolate myself by not doing business interacting with those that have chosen to be unvaccinated.

''Not sure what more to say except that highly educated and experienced and reasonable people do not support medical mandates.''

So anyone that accepts medical mandates are not highly educated or reasonable.
Sorry I cannot feed this insanity any more, please dont bother replying to me on this matter.

If you cannot stop yourself I will apologize now for ignoring you, its not reasonable to keep this going. Its wholly dysfunctional and well past the point of anything productive coming out of it.

I have no issues with differing opinions, but your are just playing games with a very serious matter. This is real life and you are just talking nonsense.

I wish you a good retirement and hope you can find some comfort not being subjected to the unvaccinated people until this is no longer a matter of concern to you.

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