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The vaccine causes the body to create antibodies that will attack the virus when they detect its presence in the body. The level of antibodies created is going to vary among each person. The length of time that those antibodies remain present in the body will also vary depending upon the person. When youíre exposed to the virus it will begin to replicate. Your antibodies will attack it. If it replicates faster than your antibodies can attack you will have a breakthrough infection. The more antibodies, the more likely your immune system will knock it down and destroy the virus cells before you can spread them or they cause you serious illness. A vaccine is not a barrier that protects you from the virus. Itís a means of causing your body to attack the virus if it infects you. There are many reasons why one person generates more antibodies than another. Smoking, alcohol use, poor nutrition, some medications, and certain illnesses can all impact the ability of your immune system to function in a manner that will optimize the level of antibodies you produce.

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