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Originally Posted by FlyingScot View Post
A distinction without a difference. I'm guessing you do not have kids.

Virtually everybody in the US has been sharing vax data for generations. This data is often shared voluntarily for trivial things, such as when parents send their children to summer camp. Maybe none of these people complaining to you have kids or maybe they're just hypocrites?

On the flu vaccines--thousands of employers all over the country give flu vaccines to all employees who would like them. Obviously this creates a semi-public awareness of who is and is not vaxxed at work. Maybe none of these complainers have ever gone to a free pop-up flu clinic?

Neither of these things has ever been a big deal, until people decided to use covid vax as a political issue
I actually have 2 school age kids and I do not support any vaccination mandate or mask requirements for their teachers or school staff or doctors or anyone else they com into contact with. My kids are vaccinated and we are not concerned about anyone else infecting them.

As for the people at work raising the most concern about the mandates, most do have children, not 100%, but most.

They just have seen the wrong side of government control and do not support medical mandates.

Not sure what more to say except that highly educated and experienced and reasonable people do not support medical mandates. Why is that so hard to believe, because it is not your preference.

You can disagree with them, no problem, but why the hostile responses,,, Its troubling to see such volatile responses to differing opinions and such a strong desire to force your preferences on others about what they must do with their bodies.

Its kinda frighting to see people demanding other people take medications they are not comfortable with.
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