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Originally Posted by XCR-700 View Post
No you have it totally backwards! I prioritize the persons right to make decision about medical treatment concerning their body over MY preference to tell them anything they MUST do.
You're saying the same thing I said, in different words. You're saying that individual freedoms (the freedom to not get vaccinated) are more important than mandating public health measures for the good of all of society. I strongly disagree.

Originally Posted by XCR-700
People come to America and fight for the most basic and fundamental rights known to man.
The three inalienable rights listed in the Declaration of Independence are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A person's liberty to carry a lethal disease in his body and expose me to it does not supersede my right to life.

I'm stunned at your minimization of 670,000 deaths to Covid. The nation was traumatized when 3,000 people died on 9/11 but 670,000 deaths is a small number??

Originally Posted by XCR-700
With very few exceptions, you are not required to live around people go to any public place talk to or see anyone. Plenty of people are not circulating with the public.
The basic necessities of life, especially food and medical care, do require going to a public place. I don't go to restaurants, concerts, or other optional places. Again, one person's desire to not get vaccinated does not supersede my right to obtain basic necessities of life.

You're going to answer that I can order groceries to be delivered to my house. My reply is the same: one person's desire to not get vaccinated does not supersede my right to avoid the added expense and risk of someone else choosing my food for me.

For medical care, in-person care is sometimes or often the only option.

What you're not acknowledging is that often people's reasons for wanting to avoid getting vaccinated are trivial or based on pure ignorance. Those unfounded reasons need to be balanced against other people's right to live and to have a normal life, like being able to go to the grocery story and doctor.
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