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Originally Posted by Woodsy View Post
I don't think we have ever been told the full truth about this virus. IMHO, the CDC releases just enough dribs & drabs of information and if you pay attention you can kind of put a blurry picture together.

I am sure the vax "took" in most of the break through cases... but this is an engineered "gain of function" virus. It is going to especially nasty. So if the Ptown outbreak over the summer is a rough guide... 30% of those affected in that outbreak were fully vaxxed. that means 30% were so called "break through" infections. I am not sure I would use the term 'break through" when the number is at 30%!

Despite the vax marketing, the issue here is that the vax does not work like most of the vaccines we compare it to. It does not set the immune system up for a catch & kill like the smallpox vax does. Unfortunately, despite being vaxxed, you can still catch & more importantly transmit Covid, and the protection wears off very quickly! The CDC had some blurb earlier this month about similar viral loads in vaxxed vs. unvaxxed infections.

IMHO, the vax works more like an OTC cold medicine... keeps the Covid symptoms relatively minor and controllable for most people.

You misstate the "marketing" of the vaccine. The vaccines are marketed as ~90% effective. That means that for every 100 unvaccinated people who get infections, we should expect 10 vaccinated people to get infections (if all humans are behaving identically). So let's not get confused on think that every breakthrough is a surprise or failure or conspiracy-minded whatever. Nothing is perfect.

The people in P-town put themselves in an especially challenging situation--packed bars and dance clubs with lots of close contact. Nobody should be surprised that there were a whole bunch of transmissions even if many of them were vaxxed.
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