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I didn't state teachers.

You stated that I should not be able to discriminate against the unvaccinated, you suggest that I do not have the right to protect myself against those that may endanger me or my family.

Either we can isolate from others - aka ''discriminate'' - or we cannot.

Teachers are only a small subset of the working population.

If I have the option to only remote work with customers, is that discriminating against customers that have been fully vaccinate/are wearing a mask because they do not have personal interaction that they may prefer?

If I didn't have the option to remote work, do I lose my option to protect myself... and succumb to someone else's choice?

It isn't are complex issue. If you truly believe that each individual has the option not to interact directly... then you have to agree that those that cannot prove vaccination/wear a mask will be discriminated against per the consequences of their own choice.
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