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Originally Posted by John Mercier View Post
That only counts should your medical decision not be able to harm others.

You would need to complete isolate yourself, or provide that the other parties knowing the risk can avoid you.
Hummm,,, Let me try this another way.

I do not not support ANY requirement that my children's doctors or teachers be required to wear masks or get vaccinated. The choice to wear a mask or get vaccinated should be theirs, as well to not continue teaching or even requesting to be a telework/remote teacher.

Clearly some will come down on the absolute opposite side of this and thus why we have such polarization on this matter.

Sadly it cannot be a civil discussion, and anger and hostility and intolerance than becomes the standard by which we interact on any such controversial matter. Vacant is any measure of respect for a differing opinion. And I make NO claim that I am immune to this distasteful new standard.
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