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Originally Posted by XCR-700 View Post
I think that is a wholly unnecessary tragedy, and personally I probably would not apply somewhere like that nor would choose to shop there unless there are literally no other options (assuming its a retail business), but thats your choice.

I feel certain that the tragedy of the intentional fear mongering that you have been subjected to and that produces decisions like this will not fully understood for years.

Its like reliving the AIDS/HIV crisis all over again, and maybe worse as we should have learned that lesson. Its so disheartening to see this again. Maybe its just human nature to harbor such fear and practice such discrimination,,,
We would never discriminate against a person with HIV. As John pointed out, HIV does not present risk to other employees. (you seem to be a few decades behind here)

About 90% of our team loved the vaccine requirement immediately. The rest got on board a week later. We're a science-based company, so people follow the data and recognize that they will be a safer at work and the company will be at less risk of a covid-related shut down. Overall, a morale-booster for us
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