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Default Sawyers and Tamarack

Originally Posted by MeredithMan View Post
I realize everyone has their own sense of taste and smell, but I respectfully disagree. We go there once or twice a summer....twice this season...and the fried clams, onion rings, & fries were very good, (to our tastebuds anyway). Ice cream was, (and always has been), very good.

Now Tamarack...that has been awful for years...
I have to say I agree that Sawyers has not been good for quite some time, My home is very close to them and I found the quality went way down and prices way up with the prior owners. The original owners built a great business and we loved it before the sale 15-20 years ago. I hope the new owners bring its standards back up. As to Tamarack, Again the original owners built a fabulous business but it went down hill quickly when it was sold. If I'm not mistaken its been sold 2-3 times over the past 10-15 and I've seen no improvement during our once every 1-2 seasons visits.
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