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Talking ........ third shot .....soooooo easy!

As already mentioned I got my third vaccination shot of Pfizer, on Sunday at the local CVS. It was very easy to get it done. You start at ...... answer about ten questions .... get an appointment ...... and get it done ..... paid by your Uncle Sam.

They had many empty time slots available ..... 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm ..... all available ....... with an appointment I was in and out the door in about 7-minutes or so ...... and I got a covid vaccination in the left arm and a flu vaccination in the right arm ....... then went back to Waterville Valley and swam 24 very long 35-yard laps of breast stroke and side stroke in the cool water 70-degree , huge outdoor swim pool.

Anyone else here get their THIRD Covid vaccination shot, or YOU just thinking about it?

It was soooooo easy to get it done at CVS.
.... age-70 & suffering terrible chronic tinnitus ... omg!
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