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Originally Posted by BillJohn View Post
Wow is it ignorance or hubris? More likely you just trolling and we are just feeding you by replying. Count me out.
If you will go back and re-read the message it was regarding the impact of COVID on people being physically in the office to be working or trained, and in my opinion it is no greater impact than I have seen in years when we had lots of people out with colds and flu.

As such it would appear to me yours is either the trolling response, or you just didnt read/understand what was written.

Mine is an honest reply about my observations and experience concerning how to deal with the impact of COVID to your available man hours to be worked. In many instances it is not necessary for every employee to be physically in the building to perform their work, sales is a perfect example. Telework is now a widely accepted method of reducing the impact of the pandemic, and even better yet, it may be a good option for lots of folks even after the pandemic is finally declared over.

Is yours an honest attempt to share experiences and helpful solutions? in any case hostile and closed mined responses will accomplish little for anyone, and as you seem to be working yourself up over the matter and unable to actually read the posts as they are written, maybe you should consider taking a rest from all this, as you suggest ("count me out"). Sometimes its too stressful to discuss such matters, well for some people.

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