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Originally Posted by John Mercier View Post
You keep suggesting that it is a choice to get vaccinated/wear a mask, but not a choice not to interact with those that are not vaccinated/wear a mask.
All parties have the choice.
yes you do have that choice!

I never said that.

You can hide away in some sanitary germ proof place anytime you want, who do you thing is stopping you or suggesting you cannot???

I think based on the numbers you are living this horrible fear over something that does not rise to that level, but it is your choice.

And how long would you stay hidden away? This will never totally go away or not be a threat. List is way too short to live in such fear.

Just think back to the AIDS/HIV "epidemic" this is similar in many ways (socially not medically)

All that hostility and fear and discrimination, all for no good reason,,,

Do you really think that what happened then was reasonable?
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