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Originally Posted by Bigstan View Post
To keep it local :

For vintage WW1 / WW2 weapons I couldn't fix myself or get parts for - (as you have something vintage there)

The 94 is a sweet rifle, but you for 100% sure want to be sure of the chambering. While you likely have 30 WCF (30-30 today) there were a bunch of options available, and you never know for sure what was done to it over the years until someone with the right tools and gauges checks it out.
Very true and if it is 100% all original irrespective of it's cosmetic appearance it is really important to keep it that way as it will lose value, in some cases significantly if it is restored or parts are replaced. Usually the chambering is stamped on the barrel.

The 94 is a sweet rifle and if it is a pre-1964 DOM even better!
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