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Default Civil War era rifles

I have 3 rifles, no dates or model no. All have US Army on them, one made in Lebanon NH, and the other two were made in Windsor VT.
They were my great grandfather and he came from the Windsor area.

I never did anything with them until I saw this post. Took them out and look them over for any inscriptions. The only inscription was U.S. Army and place of manufacturer. A quick google and Wetmore of Lebanon and Windsor was noted for percussion target rifles. Whether these rifles were used during the war by sharpshooters is not documented but possible. They were made for civilian use. Not sure why these rifles have U.S. Army engraving.

On another note my great-great grandfather and grandfather were machinists. I was told that Vermont was once the machine shop capital of the world. When the early automobile factories needed precision parts, they would come from VT.
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