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Default Some General Information that helps

Well after two decades of warnings we finally have a pandemic. The issue of (1) Adding a Billion People to the world population every 13 years (staggering), along with (2) Travel being cheap and Prevalent, is a way for unusually contagious viruses to get out of containment like never before.

Bad news it it's relationship to MERS and SARS, both pretty bad players.

Good news is that it's relatively stable (unlike Influenza). It seems that a 2001 Coronavirus originally isolated in the 1960's was isolated and sequenced. In the entire sequence only 2 amino acids changed in 40 years. This means that a good vaccine that triggers antibodies against the coat protein of the virus should be good - for good. At least on this virus. I firmly believe that Science will prevail on this one - in time....

As far as what's coming, we only have it's close Coronavirus relatives, SARS and MERS, to look at...

Although North America got out of SARS pretty easily, one city that got hit hard was Toronto. Long before Fauci or others started to talk about a return, Here is an article in the NY Times that evaluated the pattern in Toronto. Spoiler alert - it came back in the Fall.

Here is an RNA genetic relationship tree on the current virus related to it's brothers that I am attaching here (COVID-19 is also known as SARS-CoV-2)

A great 12 minute video from Stanford - created specifically for most people to be able to follow:
click on "LAUNCH WEBSITE" when you get to the page

In the meantime, God bless us everyone - and please use common sense when you're out and about in the greatest place to live in the world (OK that is an opinion!). Please protect yourself, and protect others from you!
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