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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
Use your existing line like a lasso. Put the bitter end through the braided loop and make loop about 3' in diameter. Throw/drop it over the post and pull tight, fasten to a cleat. Save $8.17 or $125, as you please. Use power on to hold you against the dock while other lines are tended to.
Problem is my wife is usually the one on the bow, and not likely to make the connection when throwing from the boat. More often than not I end up just reaching out from the helm and grabbing a post mid-ship and hanging on until she can get a rope tied off on the front, then I deal with the back end.

So the pole may be a frivolous purchase, but anything that makes boating easier on my wife, makes boating easier on me ;-)

When we were running smaller boats like our Glastron CVX everything was simpler, but our Formula is a more challenging to stuff into the always crowded spaces on Winnipesaukee docks.

Some days I just watch the various docking maneuvers and cringe,,, and anything that keeps us from being "that person" is a welcomed addition.

End of season last year we were on the dock in Wolfeboro and the guy in front of us was backing up and lost his footing, fell down in the boat and only jumped up and slammed it in to forward maybe 1 second before crashing into us. No harm done, but we watched helplessly in horror fearing a collision. Not saying the loop will save us from similar events, but if it helps in any way and makes my wife feel like she has more control its worth it to me.
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