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Originally Posted by jazzman View Post
My trick of the trade is my "o-sh**" rope. It's tied to bow and stearn cleats with 20 feet of slack tucked into the rear seat. If it's rough you get the nose of the boat to the dock, jump off and use the rope to haul the boat in.

Originally Posted by Descant View Post
Being not so agile anymore, and not having access to the bow over the windshield, I bring the stern to the dock, get a line on a post, take a wrap and use the engine to pull the boat to the dock. The engine will hold the boat in place while other lines are fastened. Jumping onto a wet, slippery dock in the rain while engine is running and nobody is t the helm to control the boat is not my best move. I have a breakwater, but when the canvas is all up and the wind is blowing the boat sideways, I need to be able to back out and start over. Can't do that from the dock.
WOW, both options sound tough to me.

I dont care for running to either end of the boat when docking, and I have never liked backing into a dock,,,

If I am docking by myself I usually have a line ready on my starboard midship cleat reach out from the helm and once I can get it around a post, the boat will usually stay put more than long enough to get out and get the bow and stern lines tied off.

But then I dont dock on the Broads in rough weather, so I tip my hat to you both.

Thanks for sharing your technique(s).
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