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This may be one of those situations that "the simple solution" may be your best option.

String a cable between the low point and a point beyond where you want the trolly to end. String it good and tight and use quality loop splice binders at each end. Also may sure the cable is high enough to clear your trolly basket hanging below throughout its course of travel with weight in it.

Have the hardware store assemble all the parts to make a zip line style trolly. Needs to be able to handle weight, but not speed.

At your upper cable attachment point bind an ATV winch around the tree with left over cable, attaching the ends to the supplied winch mounting plate. It would not need to be mounted on a solid platform, because the tension of even the empty trolly will keep it all taught. It does need to have a sturdy loop around your mounting point.

The ATV winch is powered by a battery and a solar powered trickle charger will keep the battery gassed up for when you need it.

Coming up with a trolly that will work for what you need will be the hardest item to come up with, but I am sure there are many options out there or just assemble a box out of aluminum angle iron (available at a harware store) and use some cable to go from each upper corner to your zip line pully. Fill in the shell of your trolly box with 3/8" plywood.

Attach the hook on the winch cable to the zip line pulling and then you have a power up and down trolly system. Some of the winches even have a wireless remote to activate the winch.

List of items:

-100 feet of 1/4" or 5/16" cable
-End loop connectors
-Laundry line pully ends or purpose built zip line trolly
-Aluminum angle iron with related bolts to assemble the trolly cube (remember to put 2 diagonal braces on two of the sides and one on the bottom to keep its shape)
-ATV winch with a long enough cable to meet your needs
-a good deep cycle battery
-a solar trickle charger for the battery
-3/8" sheet of plywood

Most everything could be purchased a well stocked hardware store and the entire project will likely cost considerably less than any other type of system.

Please note that there are some calculations that should be used to make sure that your system will support the weight of the trolly and a google search will provide you with most of them. This system would be good for groceries or similar. You would want to make sure that your upper end connection is firmly mounted to something, don't just screw a lag into the corner board of your house. The upper connection will carry all the weight of the trolley added to a tension stress from the cable. This will make the stress at the upper connection greater than the loaded weight of the trolley alone.

Take the time to think out each part of the system and it should be a closed system (nothing can remove itself without the aid of tools) Depending on the total weight of the system and what you want to carry in the trolley for weight, may require you to use rated parts (not available at your local hardware store).

Use google images and search for "overhead cable trolley system" and adjust your search from there. Starting with a picture and then looking for information is often faster than aimlessly clicking on search page results.

Good luck

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