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Default I am a junior member here

and ,apparently ,i cannot start a new thread...okay..
But i want to express something . perhaps someone will see fit to give it it's own thread..

It is now about 12:03 A.M. Monday Morning...
I was just out on my deck and all I can hear is a car go by ,every 3-4 -5 minutes.. and Loons... sounds like we have at least 2 pair ,,possibly 3 .. But the point of this post is to tell you that they are Joyeous... they are yelling as loudly as they can ,,,simply happy to see open water ,,to be back ...

What a treat...I was on my deck with my 160 pound newfoundland and all we could hear was Loons ,wall to wall. sounds like a party out there

they are happy tonight !!!!
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