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Originally Posted by Mink Islander View Post

2). Where to tube/what to doÖ. As you exit Shepís, youíre facing Bear Island. If you head east you can work your way over to Mark and Mink Island. Thereís a channel between the two islands (no wake please) that is pretty popular to cruise through. If you keep heading east, go between Camp and Jolly Islands towards the Broads. The area to the east of Jolly (Steamboat Island to your north) is a pretty good place to tube on a busy Saturday provided itís not really windy. Thatís where I usually go. Itís tucked away from main boat thoroughfares so easier. Not that you wonít have other boats to deal with, but the islands help reduce the volume/direction they can approach from.

Or go over to the north side of Bear Island. The area in the middle there (near Camp Lawrence) is also out of the way of major traffic and big enough that you can have fun and stay far away from the shore.

One thing to mention in the East Bear/Camp Lawrence area is that camp is back in session this year, and its pretty active with swimmers. campers in canoes and sunfish. They tend to be all over this area. They often swim from the camp out to the markers near Dollar with only a kayak or two for chase boats. Lots of sailing recently. They also tend to waterski both between Mark and Bear, and Bear and Jolly.

There is also a shoal between Dollar and Bear that is pretty nasty, it is marked near the island but if approaching from the north its easy to end up on the wrong side. My daughter almost did it on a jetski last weekend, and we live there.
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