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Default Stay over in that area of the lake..

Given that you are renting the boat from Goodhue, that area is not quite as congested as Meredith Marina/Town Docks area. If you feel a little adventurous, (but you will need either a paper chart or a GPS), pack a lunch and snacks and head over to Blackey Cove. It is a reasonably easy trek from where you are renting the boat, as long as you have a chart to guide you on proper sides of the buoys. Go to the back end of Blackey and anchor and have lunch, swim, etc. You can also tube in Blackey Cove as well, but note that it is also a popular place for wake surfers, water skiiers, etc, so be alert.
Blackey has been one of our "go-to's" for years.

I would skip the eating at Town Docks restaurant while you are renting the boat. I agree with 8GV's will waste a lot of time waiting for a spot to dock and then waiting for a table, (you can easily wait an hour or more for a table there on a busy Saturday/Sunday)

Try to get the actual chart or GPS app a week or so BEFORE you come here so you can study the area that you'll be in and already have an idea where the buoys are and on what side you should pass them.

Have a great time!
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