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I can tell you firsthand that there is a whole lotta wood out there!

Breaking the pile down will ultimately be done in stages as there are two layers...the more recent cuts on top of some older pine logs, sticks, etc that are starting to become embedded as the seasons pass.

I'm into it about a day and a half so far and managed to get nearly all the recent cuts moved and also started clearing the path in front of the dock.

Would have been nice if the folks who did either job managed the cuts a bit better rather than simply pitching everything into one large disorganized pile, in addition to blocking the dock, but it is what it is.

Next visit will be to clear the rounds in front of the dock and start working the embedded pile down.

Also, I'd like to extend a thank you to Keel Holler for the hospitality as well as the transportation to and from the mainland. We'll get that pile knocked down soon enough!
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