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Exclamation ...... WV electric power outage

From about 10:22 to 11:55 this morning, Saturday January 16, 2021, the electric power was down here in Waterville Valley most likely due to the wet, slushy snowfall and 20-mph wind. It was a somewhat busy day for this pandemic ski season with a pretty good number of skiers/riders hitting the slopes.

Apparently the two running chairlifts must have a back-up generator or something so's it can slowly unload everyone on the lifts when the power is down before it is closed to use.

It's 12:17 now and the lifts still are not running despite the local power having come back on at 11:55. Do not know why?

Talk about bad timing for the ski lifts and the power to go down, 10:22 - 11:55-am is like totally prime time on a holiday Saturday during this pandemic ski season. The timing for this Saturday shut-down and all could not get too much worse.

Oh well ...... there's always cross country skiing or hiking all the WMNF trails all around here as opposed to skiing a $102 non-refundable lift ticket. Got to wonder if that is totally true about being non-refundable?

And, thanks to a large back-up generator the town water system never ever stops working so the sink and the toilet will always have running water.

12:28: .... and the two lifts are running again. Looks like very few skiers/riders out there on the slopes so's people probably left, or something.

The temp here right now is 34 at altitude-1800' and the Forum weather page says it is 37 at Weirs Beach where it looks like it is raining, lightly, in Wolfeboro.

From the Town of Wolfeboro, Abenaki Ski Area website it says in red letters: "Saturday, January 16 - Abenaki Ski Area is closed today due to the combination of warm temperatures and rain. As much as we want to be open today, we do not want to compromise the base of snow we have to ensure we can continue skiing for the remainder of the year. We will re-open tomorrow Sunday, January 17th."
.... age-70 & suffering terrible chronic tinnitus ... omg!

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