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Default Holiday / Vacation Week

Usually avoid the crowd as I had a serious accident a decade ago when someone ran into me from the rear. I had my left humorus shattered into 13 pieces!
Also someone ran into me while I was waiting in the lift line resulting a coma for two days and massive migraines for years! I'm fine now.
Both happens in peak periods. So I avoid the crowds.
Due to advance snowmaking, I think you will find conditions surprisingly delightful at most ski areas. Gunstock been phenomenal in the past few years!
I ski at Gunstock weekdays and occasionally ski Cannon and WV. Usually spend a month at Bridger Bowl in Bozeman.
Haven't been to Bretton Woods in decades. Would like to spend a day there if its not busy. I hear it is crowded yet the conditions are great!
Someday may never be an actual day.
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