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Originally Posted by TiltonBB View Post
That is true but no other career gets 3 months of vacation the first year. At my first job I got one week vacation until 5 years, 2 weeks until 15 years, 3 after 15, and 4 after 20.

The generally offered bunk about all the work teachers do at home is doubtful at best. They usually have free periods for paperwork and plenty of time during the school day to get caught up.

When I was in high school we got out at 2:15 and the rush out of the teachers parking lot at 2:30 looked like the building was on fire!
Tilton, you are correct. My wife was a teacher in RI for 15 years. After the first two years, each teacher had down his or her curriculum, so prepping wasn't an issue unless they were told to teach a different class which was worse than contracting the plague. My wife was a math teacher (7th and 8th grade). She would get chastised by her coworkers for staying after school to offer extra help sessions with children. Her coworkers were pulling the ripcord at 2:30, and to the extent that they graded or did other things, they used free periods. She started out teaching in 1991 making $24,000. When she left in 2008, she was making $70,000. Like I said in a prior post, not bad for a 40-week per year job with hours between 8:00 am and 2:30 pm. I am not down on teachers. However, I think the pay is very fair given what others make in different areas and the skill sets involved.
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