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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
No other career makes half of its value when starting. For example, in the first decade of a teacher's career, she will be making around ~$20k less than a similarly educated professional. It's only after 15 or so years and advanced education that a teacher will make even close to other professionals. In some cases, 20 to 25 years.

So, take the model of a 401(k), where if you invest money now rather than starting in ten years, etc. The hardest part of this is that starting teachers suddenly have a life to build--moving out, starting a family, repayment of loans, etc.--which makes it doubly hard and often leads to teachers leaving the profession or never getting into it in the first place. (The same applies to people coming from industry, BTW. The percentage of people who stay in education after coming from the private sector is under 50% at my school)

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Just not true. Electrical engineers start today at $80,000. A senior project engineer makes about $150,000. My firm hires entry level attorneys at $135,000 per year. Of counsel (non-partner track) attorneys make $225,000. The challenges for teachers are no different than challenges faced in other professions. My two sons work very hard, one in sales and the other in finance. They make $45,000 and $57,000, respectively. They donít have the luxury of working 8:00 am to 3:00 pm or having 12 weeks vacation. Nor do they have a pension. What youíre talking about may have been true 40 years ago but not now.

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