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Originally Posted by Major View Post
I don't think that's the case now. With benefits, I think a person makes as much in the public sector as in the private sector. However, this may be skewed since in the Washington DC area, public sector employees make more than private sector employees, and since so many people work in Washington, this may effect the overall numbers. I'm sure studies have been done proving both sides!
It is still that way in many departments of the government. I have a customer of mine that's been coming to me for almost 30 years. He works for the department of environmental protection. He just transferred to the Midwest because he could no longer afford to live in New England.
He told me he should have gone to the private sector years ago but he feels stuck now because he's close to getting his full pension so he has to continue with them. He has struggled to pay his bills for the past 30 year I've known him. I always gave him credit because he was good for it.

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