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So, let me understand this: Every time taxes go up it is because of all the people from Massachusetts!

We feel free making this statement without even taking the time to investigate what is driving the cost increases or even seeing how many of those horrible tax loving people from Massachusetts have moved to Wolfeboro… SAD

I would prefer an informed complaint. For example: We have to many teachers, we pay them to much, we need to cut funding for sports, music, math, english…. Something that shows that you took the time to pull up and review the school budget not just bitch that you are paying too much in taxes.

I am thinking that none of us enjoy paying taxes no matter how small or large our tax bill is or how much we make in income.

Get involved… pull the town and school reports… make suggestions on how they can save money. If it has increased by 75% then there are reasons... take the time to find out.
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