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Originally Posted by tis View Post
Rusty, you are right, however they are part of the existing school board. And they had the meeting because of all the talk of overseeing coast rises. And the selectmen's point (especially imo, the selectmen from Ossipee) is that theyreally would like a separate budget committee that is independent. My feeling (and i watched the whole meeting) was that the school board said feel free to come to our meetings but we don't want to have a committee watching over us.
TIS, can you provide a pointer to the link to watch these meetings? Thanks.

Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
There is a separate "overseeing" of the school budget, it's called the voters of Wolfeboro.
If they don't attend meetings to keep a check on costs or vote down the continuing increases each year than nothing will change.

Thanks for bringing up the GWRSB Finance Committee meeting, it sheds a lot of light on what is wrong with the oversight of the budget.
Minor tweak to your point: The voters of all seven towns in the district vote on the budget, not just Wolfeboro.
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