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Originally Posted by tis View Post
A few weeks ago a GWRSD meeting was held with selectmen attending from the towns of the district. The selectmen were asking the school board to consider a budget committee just as the towns had. Obviously the school board didn't much like the idea. Most of the selectmen felt that there wasn't much oversight for the school district because nobody bothers to attend the meetings. (And even if they did, I don't know how much good it would do.) I think the school budget for the district is around fifty million a year. The schools are the biggest part of the property tax. But watch out. Last year Cordella and others filed a bill to have the richer towns pay a lot more. Tuftonboro and Wolfeboro would have been hit really hard. Moultonboro too, but not quite as much as the other two.
It wasn't the GWRSD that held the meeting, it was the GWRSB Finance commitee that held the meeting. Therefore the GWRSD does have a budget committee which is called the Finance Commitee.
Here are the minutes of the meeting of the Finance Commitee:

GWRSB Finance Committee Meeting Notes
Time, Date and Location of Meeting
7:00 pm – September 6, 2018 – Lakes Region Technology Center
GWRSB Finance Committee: Jack Widmer – Team Leader, Bridge Edwards, Dr. James Manning,
Stacy Trites. Administration: Superintendent Kathy Cuddy-Egbert, Business Administrator Kathy
O’Blenes. Selectmen: Brookfield- Rich Zacher; New Durham- David Swenson; Ossipee- Richard
Morgan; Tuftonboro- Lloyd Wood; Wolfeboro- Linda Murray, Brad Harriman, Paul O’Brien.
Community Members: Ernie Brown, Tim Eldridge, Jonathan Smith, Deborah Yeaton, Ed Comeau
- Government Oversite, Peter Pijoin - Wolfeboro Community TV, Elissa Paquette - Granite State
Note Taker: Linda Murphy, School Board Secretary
Subject Matter
Overview of the School District budget process and School District cooperative formula.
Mr. Widmer explained the budget process. A budget sheet was distributed; the same format that is
published in newspapers and printed in the bulk mailing. Over 75% of the budget is people driven
with fixed costs. Mr. Morgan said his frustration is that the tax rate increases each year due to the
school portion and there was discussion as to why the Ossipee portion increased. Mr. Morgan said
the District needs to look at what the towns offer their employees for health insurance He said the
District contributes toward health insurance needs to change and such changes are usually phased in
over time. He said he would like to see a District Budget Committee. Mr. Swenson said the budget
has exceeded CPI for the last couple of years and with a declining enrollment this does not make
sense to him. Mr. Zacher asked how people can access the line items. Rather than having to call the
SAU Office he said he would like the report available on-line. Discussion on the budget lasted for
approximately one hour. It was decided that the towns would have a representative attend finance
committee meetings to provide suggestions and input. They will send a name to the SAU Office so
they can be added to the meeting notice list.
The cooperative formula was discussed. It is based on a 75/25 formula; 75% is determined by
average daily membership and 25% is equalized valuation. Tuition students were discussed and Mr.
Zacher asked how they impact the formula which is an increase in revenue and decreases what
needs to be raised in taxes. Each year there increase goes up by the same percentages as the general
fund. Mr. Woods asked about the savings on the bond last year. Mr. Widmer said the interest on the
bank bond was renegotiated to a lower rate (savings of $90,000 this year and going forward). Mr.
O’Brien asked how the District was able to reduce the energy budget and asked if the numbers are
trackable and real. Mr. Widmer and Mr. Brown said the District performed and energy audit and
energy conservation work over the years. He is interested in outcomes on the energy savings,
student teacher head count trends and ratios, and data on our students outcome.
Adjournment Recorded By
8:24 pm
Linda Murphy, School Board Secretary
Approved by Finance Committee 9/17/18
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