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Originally Posted by BillJohn View Post
"I see this as no different than a bad cold and flu year, except that its extended. You used those words to marginalize Covid and compare it to bad cold year? Covid has now killed more than the 1918 flu pandemic and Covid is far from done with us. Why? Because there are morons who “think” vaccinations are somehow harmful and that masks are not part of the solution.

I understand that you and your sycophants all spew the same verisimilitudes. I do not know if you have an agenda or are simply unable to look at the facts and rationally process the information. What I do know is that people like you have exacerbated the pandemic and for that, you should feel shame…but I know you cannot really comprehend your role in extending the pandemic.
They aren't extending it, we are. We make excuses for them.
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