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Originally Posted by John Mercier View Post
That was in the early unknown, we went through that with Covid also; but now we are well beyond that stage.
I can't get HIV from a toilet seat, and I can't get Covid from a doorknob.
Yes, then clearly you do get it.

So then why the tremendous fear of the unvaccinated? Your concerns make even less sense now.

I know you focus a lot on the impact to business, but this cant all just be about money??? Trading such a serious loss of your freedom of choice so that someone can make a few dollars cant be all there is to your concerns.

So am I supposed to read this as you just want the right to tell unvaccinated people to keep out of your business/personal space/something else? Again, that doesnt make sense either.

Sorry I still just dont get the argument you are trying to make.

So again, not sure its really worth either of our time to make the connection that seems impossible to make here.

In the past week in the U.S. ...
New daily reported cases fell 15.7%
Covid-related hospitalizations fell 10.2%
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