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Originally Posted by JasonG View Post
Years ago when I lived in MA, my family had a place in NH. We were told if we registered our boat trailer in NH we could not tow it out of the state of NH. The basis of this was because we were MA residents and registering something out of our resident state.

Granted this was almost 20 years ago, but something to double with with your PA/NH trip
I to was going to bring this up... I can tell you that this is still the case. I register my boat trailers in NH because they never come to Ma. And I had to sign a wavier saying that I would not take the trailers out of the state.

There used to be a 15 day grace period, so that you could accidently go out of NH.... but that is now gone... NH had to many issue, with people illegally registering things to get out of state income tax in surrounding states.
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