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Home and Hearth Technologies pretty much owns every major brand of wood, gas and pellet stove.

Pellet stoves have a lot of moving parts and there is no way of getting around that, and the controls for it are all electronic and there is no getting around that either. If you want simple burn wood.

That said, Harmon does make the best pellet stoves but they too are not immune to problems. Just have far less than the rest. They are also not cheap either. There are some design features in the Harmon that I believe make it a superior product over the rest.

My sister has one of the original Harmon XXV pellet stoves, uses it as a primary heat source and has had in all the years of ownership replaced the auger motor, the control board, and a couple of ignitors. I liked her stove so much that I bought the wood burning version and love it. Harmon however doesn't make wood stoves anymore.
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