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Originally Posted by JEEPONLY View Post
Aside from the "work" MCMs do, it's the personal touches and personalities that drive the show.
This Old House used to have these qualities, but they have so much technology these days, the product they turn out is less personal and more driven by selling the technology- not interesting anymore- who could afford (would bother buying) all the tools they use to make "perfect" things.
If they have a segment on how to fix a toilet, you don't learn anything (because they don't show it well, you just see how quickly and easily the can do it with updated equipment! Granted, the ask questions segments offer something.

Anyway- reading up a bit on MCMs- they don't pay for the supplies, they earn labor, and, of course, the show pays them.

Lance's story (disappearance) seems a bit odd!

I love this show- and I am SO non-contractorish!
Lance looks like he has gone out on his own. I saw one show recently where they used him as a sub contractor. I also think he's a new dad so probably wants to call his own shots and stay closer to home.

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