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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
Isn't there another thread that revealed that the guys on American Pickers make $500K for doing the show?
Entirely fake.

The money that they make is from the TV show.

Yes, they do own a real shop. Yes, they did start out buying antiques.

The van though is driven by the crew. The two guys fly in to the area and stay at nice hotels.

The gal at the shop in Iowa actually lives in Chicago. She has her family in Chicago. Sometimes she will fly to the Iowa shop. Many times she is on a staged set in Chicago.

The show is certainly entertainment for the scenery and some of the stuff found ahead of time by the crew. All prices are pre-negotiated by the crew.

This is what reality TV is. Real people but all staged and all set up geared towards audience acceptance and of course TV advertising revenue.

Seek out 90 Day Fiance or Pimple Poppers. If one is into this staged fake TV.

Or join a local book club and actually learn something.
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