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Originally Posted by jbolty View Post
The full crew is not there full time for the whole period. If the timeline is 6 weeks there is a lot of time spent waiting for windows to be delivered, or rain delay or waiting for the plumber to finish or there is just 1 or 2 guys there painting and during all that the rest of the crew is at another job site. There are always multiple jobs at the same time for any contractor.
This is true. Chase and Ryan have discussed this a few times in the podcasts. Typically they have 3-4 camps they are working on at the same time. The whole crew does not spend the whole six weeks at the same job site. Other ways they save money;

- They have nothing to do with septic. Cabin owner pays for this from another line item

- They do not install heating systems. This also would be from a different part of the budget. In the first season they did install some woodstoves but have stopped doing this due to liability issues.

- There is no sheetrock or plaster (or whatever). Everything (ceiling, walls, floors) is done with Eastern White Pine (one of the show's sponsors). "Throw some pine at it!"

- They typically do not make closets (more expense and labor) with the thought being that it is a summer camp and you can live out of your suitcase.

- The camps are usually not insulated. If they are, they hire a subcontractor and it doesn't come out of their budget. They prefer the spray foam insulation as it inhibits little critters getting into the house.

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