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Default Maine Cabin Masters

Watched an episode tonight (Sunday 1/24) on Comcast 123 which I thought was DIY, but I guess is now Discovery+. Budget seemed reasonable at $45K. Better than that swimming pool show where they spend $100-$150K in the CA backyard. I'm also amused at Flip or Flop where the star couple does 10 flips a year, but in every flip they have a major problem that "Oh, No. We never suspected that problem". "This Old House" rarely has unexpected problems but never never never discusses budget in any way. So, not much "reality TV" here,. but still interesting. Isn't there another thread that revealed that the guys on American Pickers make $500K for doing the show?
In the meantime, it appears to me that many island properties, if substantially improved, will increase the taxes to the point where the next generation will be forced to sell.
BTW, I lived in Maine from 1965-1975. Granted a long time ago, but costs have been lower there than elsewhere. NH suffers considerably from the growth that occurred with all the MA refugees who flooded over the border in the 70's.
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