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Default Duncan or a predec essor?

I have at my desk a PUC chart published in 1962. Blue water and beige land. For awhile, I recall a white water/green land chart being available, in the 60's, I think simultaneously with the PUC chart published and distributed by the Capital Offset Company. I don't know if that green/white one was Duncan or if there was another publisher that was taken over by Duncan. I still have one on the boat, but I use it for guests to follow along, not really for up to date navigation. For navigation, I don't think there's any question Bizer is the most accurate and up to date.
As a matter of interest, there were only 59 flashers in 1962 and it lists several headway speed locations, including 10 mph between Varney and Kenison Islands, 12 mph between Loon and Meredith Neck and 12 mph south of the "marine bandstand" in Alton Bay.
To return to discussion of the Witches and a lighthouse, in 1962, only two flashers marked "Witch Rocks", #27 to the south and #28 next to Timber Island.
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