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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
10:15 am Jan.24 2019
I Googled: "Duncan Lake Winnipesaukee Chart" That took me to a page that offers several Duncan chart-like products. Clicked on one and it took me to a product page, described the product and offered to 'add it to my cart'. I didn't want it so I left the store.
There are a few entries that announce August 1, 2018, Duncan "officially approved' their new chart. Those also indicatew that online is their only store. If you click on these, the response is access denied.
to this page. I like to Google before I ask on this or other forums, and I appreciate that the Webmaster often does this for us. Thank you.
I have googled it a few time in the past couple years too because I wondered what happened to them. I felt I didn't get a real answer either, that is why I asked. I know somebody that actually tried to order one on line and they weren't able to get one. That was a year ago or so.
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