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Originally Posted by shore things View Post
I believe the next committee meeting is scheduled for January 11th at the Legislative Office Building in Concord at 10:00 a.m. You should come. The meetings are open to the public. You can verify the schedule by keeping an eye on the House calendar which is posted weekly here:

They list it by its long title, Commission To Study The Effectiveness Of The Current Statutes Related To Management Of Non-Tidal Public Waterways And The Construction Or Placement Of Structures Within Them.
The Commission's meeting scheduled for the 11th is being postponed for a week or two in order to allow the new interim chair to confirm that vacant seat on the Commission are being filled so that there will be a quorum. Please refer to the House calendar at the link provided for the rescheduled time. It is anticipated to only be a 2 week delay at most.
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